Wk 6: Song Quiz


Find out what song/artist the image is about.

Song #1

Image result for on topImage result for ofImage result for world



Song #2

Image result for secret

Song #3

Image result for lifeImage result for isImage result for fun

Song #4

Image result for nothingImage result for helps

2 thoughts on “Wk 6: Song Quiz

  1. Hi Terril. I definitely did not pass your quiz. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do, so maybe providing an example might help. I think it is probably that I’m not very familiar with the songs of your generation. I’m guessing that song #2 and #3 are Be Quiet and Life is Fun, but I don’t know those songs. I need help with the others. Would it be possible to attach a link or a short clip of the songs to the images?

  2. Answers:
    1. On Top of The World-Greek Fire
    2. Secrets-One Republic
    3. Life is Fun-Odd1out
    4. Nothing Helps-One Ok Rock

    I know these are either impossible to know or you don’t know any of these, but this was more of intended to be impossible mode.

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