Darkest Thoughts: (Un)Love(ing)(ly) Lust(full)

In romance, we tend to end up looking for someone who closely resembles us.”

-Hitagi from Monogatari series

愛 (ai), is the Japanese kanji for love. We all know what the basic principle of love can be, sometimes following along the lines of “An undescribably feeling for someone” or “The feeling of when you want to be with someone for the rest of your life”. While I don’t want to sound pessimistic, these phrases can also translate to lust. Lust is one of the emotions we feel, that is, completely natural. When we lust for someone, we may normally mistaken it for love. I can definitely say, that has happened to me before, though rarely.

Our image of someone that we desire in a romantic partner, is someone normally similar to us. Someone who will understand us, have the same passions, or perhaps even some sort of more “perfect” version of us, if you will. It is more obvious when it is a simple lust for someone, attracted to appearance or simply gender (majority of the world is like this). However, love is, as people may indirectly say, quite rare. It isn’t as simple as “wanting to spend the rest of your days with a person”, but to grow old and die with them. It is being in love with them, as opposed to the idea of being with them. I have only actually been serious about anyone once, and I would rather not say when, nor who. All I can say, is perhaps the person you love may have traits opposing your own, but it may be for the best.

When you find the person, perhaps they are radiating with an “aura” that just simply attracts you to them, past any lust you may have. Chances are, if we have ever found this person in our lives, we used the world “like”. “I like you”, “I like them”, etc. Frankly, it is tossed around far too carelessly. To say “love”, is to get your real thoughts in the open. Even from my own personal experience, I have never been able to say “love” when it is so genuine. In a sense, are people, like me, really pathetic to that degree? Although, that is an approach for another time.

All I can say, now, is

愛追う, 内打ちに 暇

Chase love, before it leaves.


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